Host A 8-Day, 3-Tiered Community Event & Be Featured As A Spotlight Dealer of 2017!

When you host this 8-day event, you will be featured as a Spotlight Dealer with your local news media and a local charitable chapter, and be promoted by industry expert and best-selling author, Roe Hubbard!

This #1 Endorsed Cross-Channel Community Event will generate 500 plus potential buyers and sell 40-50% of your new or used inventory in 8 days, all while meeting your core values as a dealer and help you to exceed department goals.

Stand tall and above the crowd as the "For the Community" Spotlight Dealer and host one of the largest events ever in your market place!

Read the brochure for details. (Note: We offer co-op approval if needed, and will advance up to $25k of Advertising Credit for the event for leverage.)

Call our office at 800-960-4420 to get access to our video & ask about our Guarantee.
This is the most effective way to do a Non-staffed, Staffed, or Director Event!

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