60-120 Guaranteed Sales in 60 Days!

If understanding your buyers with Pinpoint accuracy and how to get that qualified buyer to your store is important than don't let this opportunity of being the chosen 2017 Spotlight Dealer pass you by. With our "60-120 Guaranteed Sales in 60 Days" Platform, we will partner with you and work side-by-side with you on specific strategies to help you gain new slices of market share. With this program, you can radically increase profits this (by as much as $1 million).

Our proposal focuses on 5 elements:

  1. Event Features & Deliverables: Pinpoint the top 2% In-Market buyers and use up to 20 touch points to gain new prospects
  2. Event Benefits that get "ready to buy" prospects in your showroom with a 50-70% closing ratio
  3. Pricing: PUPs, Partial Upfront Payments only, SDA advances 50% upfront
  4. Terms: 60 days, 60-120 guaranteed deliveries
  5. Risk-Reversal: Guaranteed or ad balance waived

Grab a 60 day spot on our calendar and guarantee your dealership an extra 60 -120 deliveries. Act now, so you can be the "buzz of your market" by next month.

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Chicago, IL 60606